Monday, December 9, 2013

Feather with Eggshells

A continuation of the turkey feather theme….this time to see if I could capture the fuzzy quality of the downy portion of this feather.


  1. Okay Susan! Love the turkey feather theme! You certainly captured the downy portion of this beautiful feather! I absolutely love the reds in all your works! All the colors, the lines, the design, and so much more, again have me loving your art! Thanks for posting for all to enjoy! Especially me! Bravo Susan!
    (Oh, haven't seen many wild turkeys this year! Not sure why! I miss them so much!)
    Happy Holidays!
    Michael aka Turkey Lover!

  2. Hi Susan - I was thrilled to see your fabulous feather. I love feathers and been having a wonderful time painting and drawing them... never done a turkey feather though.
    Love propping it up in the jar. Your glass is great too..

  3. Julie, I have been admiring your feather paintings as well, Bravo!

  4. Hi Susan
    I popped over to say thank you so much for visiting my blog and for taking the time to comment! Your work here is beautiful! I love what I see! So you have a new follower :0)