Sunday, May 8, 2011


The image to the left is the most recent version of this tulip painting. I had great fun painting the initial rendition but months later after many sideways glances the muddled quality of the background began to bother me. Hence, the second, brighter version which is perhaps too bright. It may have another reincarnation.


  1. Both versions are beautiful and have your unique sensibility. My comment may not validate your decision but I prefer the background of the first version. I like the neutral-tending to warm gray. It may be that the overall color was good but the soft darker gray halos may not have been necessary everywhere around the flowers. I don't know what your final solution will be but realize, in my own work, that it takes awhile to really "see" it.

  2. Yes, agreed, both versions are beautiful - such a slight change makes it a different painting though.

  3. Beautiful. I like the warm gray background the best. Isn't it funny how the background can be the hardest part on a painting to resolve?