Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rose with Apple

Although I love oils, every now and then I like to play with acrylics. You acrylic painters out there amaze me. This stuff dries so fast!


  1. one of the most beautiful acrylic paintings i've ever seen!

  2. love you use of reds. they appear very pure

  3. Susan, I found your blog about a month ago, from the Daily Painters, and I am so happy to have perused your paintings. I love them! There is so much depth, and the colors incredible. You have a way of making simple objects come to life! Thank you for this painting in acrylic...as I am just starting out with painting (after delving headlong into collage and assemblage) and acrylics are my choice of painting medium at the moment. Thanks for showing me what can be done with it! For me, I like the fast drying quality of it...so, that is why I hesitate to try out oils...I shall remember to be b-b-brave :-)