Monday, November 23, 2015

Fall Colors

This fall has been so lovely that I thought I would use the fall colors for painting inspiration.  When I initially finished this painting, it seemed a little safe and boring so I went to town on the background leaving an aura of darker color around the flowers.  Perhaps went too far but it was fun.


  1. Susan! A HUGE Wow to all your recent paintings! Sorry I haven't made time to comment on them! This could be my favorite of all my favorite paintings of yours! However I am so smart not to have favorites! Love them all! I so love and enjoy the warm colors in "Fall Colors!" Bravo Susan and the Happiest Thanksgiving to you and yours! So good! So very good!
    Michael Lover Of All Things Fall!

  2. I love this painting very much. The way you used a little darker tones of colors around the things made this painting look a little bit mysterious. Besides my co-worker from says this painting reminds him of autumn leaves.

  3. Hi Susan, I have just been meandering through some of your recent blog posts and have to say, Wow! What gorgeous work!
    This one is no exception with its opulent colours and beautiful composition.

  4. Susan, you haven't gone too far with this; rather, you've created something warm and comforting to look at yet bright and happy at the same time. That's genius really!