Monday, October 6, 2014

Lemon and Eggshell with Bottle

There are always two things in the house-- lemons and eggs!  Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall so far.

Save the date-- I will again be participating in City Wide Open Studios, October 25-26, noon to 6 pm. You can find me at Erector Square, 315 Peck Street, New Haven, Building 5, 2nd floor.  There are so many artists at Erector Square-- lots of interesting art and people.

For more information about Open Studios or to join a curated tour (I am one of the curated artists) see the following links:  City Wide Open Studios and CWOS- Curated Tours .


  1. Another lovely painting Susan! My cupboards are pretty bare today too... Time for another big shop I think! :0)

  2. Hu Susan
    I can't find an email address for you so I could reply to your lovely comment! So I commented on the blog roll: Whaaaat??? Have you seeeen your art??? You are incredibly talented! I'm in awe!!
    Anyway - thank you! I like sketching, but I'm very lazy about it, nothing too taxing! Would rather use my limited brain power on my painting ;0)

  3. Of course I love this one Susan! You are so very talented and you use your talent so well! Your art is awe inspiring. It soothes my soul, pleases my eye, brings peace, and relaxes! Great work! Thank you Susan for doing what you do so very well!
    Again, bravo buddy!