Sunday, October 9, 2011

Milk Times Two

This is the same painting. On the bottom, you have the first version which I did not like and thus a few days later decided to muck with it. Mucking with paintings, for me, can be the cathartic prelude to chucking them out -- but in this case, I may give the second edition a pardon.
For everyone in the New Haven, CT area--for the umpteenth year I will be participating in City Wide Open Studios. I will be at Erector Square, October 15-16, noon to five, Building 6E, 1st floor, Room I, 315 Peck St., New Haven.


  1. It is interesting how we perceive our own work. I liked it "before". I like the warm light.

    However, the second version is beautiful, and very "Susan". I loved it when I saw the thumbnail.

  2. I like them both also. The warm light is lovely, However it does take over, and the other is much more subtle and elegant.

  3. So true (the mucking around and then throwing out part).
    I think this time the mucking made for a lovely little painting. Very nice.