Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Again

I was looking through the old, bad painting pile and decided to have a go at reworking the below painting. It had never been varnished, so I just painted on top of the old painting. I am much happier with the new version.


  1. It is much more refined!! But the original was very nice too.

    (as is all of your work!!)

  2. Susan, I like it! Now I see the cherries as the prime focus and my eye lingers there, but doesn't get stuck. That circular movement keeps me going and returning again to the cherries. Great job.

    Vikki Bouffard

  3. I like them both very much. It is the change in the background, very interesting.

  4. Someone else told me never to throw away a painting. As you become a better painter, you can often see what was wrong with a "bad" painting and fix it. I think you just proved the point. It wasn't really a bad painting, but your technique has improved and the changes you made really made it into a great painting!